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07 NFL Hall of Fame Enshrinment


No comments from anybody.

I missed most of it, but I just saw part of Mike Irvin's speech. Guess I'm getting soft, but it was touching. Really liked it. Anyone see Thurman Thomas's or the other HoF guys.


Michael "Crack smoking, cocaine snorting, illegal gun possessing, prostitute pimping" Irvin shouldn't have been anywhere NEAR the words Hall of Fame. What a fucking joke. Michael Irvin, yeah right.


he talks a good story about repentance and seeing the light. I believe he may become a regular preacher since he regualrly addresses the congregation he belongs to.

Time will tell if he's changed or not. I could care less either way and now that I think about, I'm not even sure why I responded to this post...


I live in Canton an every year I volunteer to help out with the Hall of Fame. This year they teamed me up with Michael Irvin and his company. One of the nicest HOFers I've been around, not to mention a great personality.


Wow, that's cool you had a chance to meet him! He's really mellowed down since his days at 'The U.'

Does anyone know why he left ESPN?


Skins fan? Buffalo Fan?


Do his statistics and game performances make him unworthy to be in the Hall of Fame?


Oh I'll not be one to doubt his talent, he was amazing back in the day. But like Lawrence Taylor and OJ Simpson, his off field conduct makes him a piss poor representation of the NFL. Professional athletes should be held accountable for their actions off the field, and he just got to skate on by, too many times for me to ignore.

I hope he fucks up again so they take his place away.


From his wikipedia entry:

The promises of a new lifestyle in broadcasting appeared to be short-lived, with Irvin again arrested. In this instance Irvin was pulled over in Plano, Texas for speeding on November 25, 2005.

Irvin was arrested on an outstanding warrant on an unpaid speeding ticket in Irving, Texas, but was also cited for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia after police searched his car and found the marijuana pipe, and plastic bags with marijuana residue[3].

Irvin was arrested for a Class C misdemeanor. He was later released on bond, with ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz saying only that: "We are reviewing the facts of the situation and have no comment at this time."

Two days after his arrest, Irvin appeared on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown", as scheduled, on November 27, 2005. In his on-the-air comments that evening, he stated that he had taken the drug paraphernalia away from a longtime friend who was battling a drug addiction.

Irvin told the Associated Press he was trying to help someone close to him get off drugs and cares more about that than his chances of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The next day Irvin said the pipe was in fact his brother's and he (Irvin) was going to throw it out but had forgotten to do so.

On December 1, 2005, however, ESPN suspended Irvin for the Sunday and Monday Night Countdown shows on December 4 and December 5, 2005.[4] He returned to both shows with no mention or consequence of the past incident.

Controversy continued to follow Irvin when during a November 2006 radio interview on the Dan Patrick show, Irvin joked that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's athletic ability may have been due to African-American heritage, and made references to Romo's maternal relatives being involved with "slave brothers". [5]

Irvin later apologized. He explained himself saying, "this is how I joke around with Romo when we're playing basketball. There's a difference from me the player and me the broadcaster". [6]

On February 17, 2007, during its late edition of SportsCenter, ESPN announced that Irvin was no longer with the network. ESPN Communications Vice President Josh Krulewitz said of Irvin, "We thank Michael for his contributions to ESPN and wish him well."


I really respect Michael Irvin as a player. His love and passion for the game were evident every time he stepped onto the field. His off-the-field endeavors, though stupid, are overshadowed by his performance and his on-field example of exactly how the game should be played.

I can't think of too many players more deserving of enshrinement.


I was never really a dallas fan, but his induction into the Hall of Fame last week was moving. I never heard him speak and didn't know much of his career until I watched it on the NFL network. He was nothing short of amazing.

For everyone who criticizes him for his problems with the law and questionable post career forays, I ask you to look in the mirror and look at your own weaknesses.

From what I see, nobody played the game harder than Micael Irvin.


Irvin deserves to be in, rock of crack the size of a bowling ball, "self-employed models" and all. The man was crucial to that Cowboys dynasty, a leader on the team, and as Skystud noted, no one worked harder.

More importantly, he has the numbers and the respect. And to compare him to OJ is pretty ridiculous, drugs and whoring, which probably a fair number of guys indulge in, doesn't compare to double murder.


Last time I checked, it was called the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not the Pro Football Hall of Good Citizenship. Irvin's accomplishments between the lines are all that should matter, not how many lines he snorted up his nose.


So you hope a guy with a family and who admits he is a flawed person (something more people should do) makes a horrible mistake with his life?



Yeah..he's "skated by". He was repremanded in all the incidents.

How much have YOU contributed to better someone else life oh reverent one? Irvin is active in charities and was in the spotlight for good and bad things he's done.

The fact that you can admit to millions of people your heartfelt words and repent, says to me he's grown up and is a better man.


Yeah, "skated" usually means he "got off" because he is a pro athlete, a monetary commodity for Jerry Jones and the rest of the NFL shareholders. Ever heard of "Celebrity Justice"? Irvin sure has.

Okay so he takes part in charities, that's supposed to make up for all the shit he's done wrong? I guess if he's active in charities and makes heartfelt apologies we can just give everybody a second, third, fourth, fifth chance too, huh? Would pedophiles be exempt?


You're comparing snorting cocaine, fucking random women, and showboating to molesting children. That's a far stretch.


I didn't watch the speeches and such. Wehrli, never heard of him and sounds like the HOF was desperate to get a modern-era Cardinal in. Sanders doesn't deserve induction, there are better tight ends who aren't in yet. The other 4 deserve induction. Thurman Thomas the most of all. Yes Mikey Irvin was no angel, but I can't think of a better clutch receiver other than Jerry Rice.


Is it just me or are a lot of the people who are showing major sympathy for Irvin the same people that want to see Vick banned from the NFL and burned at the stake?

I don't get it.


So smoking weed, blowing lines, and banging hookers (all victimless crimes) is now on the same level as fucking a little kid? Dude, get your head out of your ass. Did Michael Irvin fuck your mom or something?