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04/21/06 Powerful Image Info


Brooke Banx - Austin, Texas - age 21

More pics on johnnycrosslin.com

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I don't know...

A tit job by twenty one is something I have to disapprove of.

But that's just me.


Terrible chicken legs, nice upper body. Girls need to SQUAT!


Good! More for me :slightly_smiling:


There's nothing wrong with her, you guys are crazy.


Exactly. They're too old for that shit. Better the 18yo with low self esteem and daddy's credit card.


shes alright... if you like fake blonde hair, fake tits, fake tan and most likely fake blue eyes (contact lenses) since in other pictures she has brown eyes

sorry, but i prefer a REAL woman


I'm pretty ok with it...


I think she looks hot!


She might have a great personality! :slight_smile:


thank GOD this site has at least a few men who are attracted to something a little more provocative than yet another boring, fake-breasted centrefold with no muscle tone and fake everything.

it seriously boggles my mind how all these guys lift, and get addicted to iron, and then go for these soft, skinny girls with the fakest boobs... i mean, i'm not just saying this from the perspective of a small-breasted female. it's like me lifting, and pursuing my fitness goals, and then going for some skinny dork with emo hair and a guitar, but who can't actually play.


I guess I'm just a 'real woman' kind of guy because to me, that girl looks like a breathing barbie doll. I just think women you meet on the street are often far more attractive than the pin-ups since the real women are, well, real. They've got real breasts, real womanly curves, and beautiful, real faces.


I think the image more than the actual girl is hot. She really needs a quality conditioner for that ragged mop.

But, I think it's sexy as fuck that the bottom of her top is cut off and being worn as a "skirt". It makes me think about dirty things, and I like that.



Nevertheless, I consider the PI attractive on a different level as well, not so much because of the girl, whom I probably wouldn't even recognize if I met her on the street in person, but rather the image as a whole, the illusion it creates.

Apart from that, the real women on these boards who post pics of their real womanly curves are getting more attention and positive feedback than these fake images anyway, if I'm not mistaken... :wink:


Good Lord, thanks for this one!!!


The problem with the photo is it's airbrushed to hell and the girl has several coats of paint on in the first place.

Which is too bad because I bet if a simple regular photo of her was taken she'd still be really hot.

As far as her supposedly not being hot because of her hair/lack of muscles/fake breasts . . . riiiiiight.

I will never understand guys who bag (so to speak) on fake breasts. What are women supposed to do, lift weights with their boobs until they start growing?


It's a gender thing. Just because a guy lifts weights doesn't mean he will cease being attracted to soft girly women.

On this site you'll find most guys DO place more importance on muscles than more traditional features like breasts/curves, etc . . . or at least those who do are the most vocal about it.


You beat me to it. I guess I should either learn to type faster or ditch the long winded verbalizations...