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0 to 62mph in 2.9 Seconds


Awesome new Lamborghini.... http://athingforcars.com/autos/aventador-the-new-lamborghini/

bet none of you have got one of these .... yet. lol


Yep, can't wait to kill myself in one.


it aint no bugatti




This is true, it isn't a W-16, four turbo, piece of VW, junk.

Give me a McLaren F1 over either of these any day.


it aint no chevy 2500.

How am I supposed to pull anything with that or even go down a dirt road?


Reventon is the best and sexiest car out there.

/end thread


Volkeswagen owns Lambo...

but yes, the F1 is still the greatest car ever made IMO


Either way that new lambo is beautiful and definitely fast enough for me.


Eh? I have 3 of those, 2 McLarens, an Enzo, and a Bugati, but those are all slow compared to the F22 I pilot by day. I'm also a 7th degree black belt, billionare business mogel, and I have world records in 8 different weight classes. I've won the Mr. Olympia 12 times, I've been Super Bowl MVP, and World's Strongest Man 7 times each, and I'm currently WWE Heavy Weight Champion of the World. You can call me Chuck Norris, and if you don't like it, I'll come find you in real life and round house kick you into the stone age. Welcome to the internet.


No volkswagen owns Porsche. Audi owns Lambo. Why do you have to be from Wisconsin?


you forgot that you are a secret ninja/mma champion-porn star with a 14 inch dick.

c'mon man!

edit: ALSO, your legs are so huge despite your tiny chiseled waist that you can't find pants that fit.




Thats a good lookin car, but I'd still rather have an S7 twin turbo.


your right, my mistake. i only go to school there.


Civic, best car eva

amiright guiz?





I remember when this was just a prototype. Fucking awesome they've put it into production.


Production-ish. I think they're only going to make 29 total.


Mind if I interject? VW/AUDI are the same company, thus, they are all sharing parts. I.E. the Audi R8 v10 and the Gallardo from Lamborghini have the same engine, and to be clear, Audi is actually a subsidiary of VW AG.