0 carbs PW?

Does any one favor not placing carbs in there post work out shake? and if so what have your results been? I am currently eating at a maintenence caloric level and am looking to get a bit more leaner, do you think by not ingesting carbs during my PW shake I will be able to achieve this faster? As always all replys are appreciated…J

you’ll probably do more harm then good.

besides…how much leaner do you want to get?? you’re already pretty lean bro.

This method can be very effective.
Try it for 2 weeks straight, a high/moderate fat high protien diet with no carb up. If you don’t notice much in that time then it probably won’t do much for ya.

Go with 30-40 carbs a day for 12 days then hit a good carb up.
Maybe last 2-3 meals of the day for 1-2 days depending on how well you fill out.
When you start to feel bloated and or smooth it’s time to go back to the low carb deal. 30-40 carbs everyday. Carb up every 3 days. Then every 4 days.

The carb up should consist of 1-2 very large good carb meals. these should be the last 2 meals of the day. Follow Berardi’s laws on carb eating. Don’t eat fat with carbs. Also don’t worry about protein intake for these 2 meals.

3 tips
1- eat a crap load of EFA. Olive oil, Unsalted organic Almonds, and of course Fish oil. Maybe an EFA mixture.
Give this diet a shot for 4-8 weeks and lets see how you respond.
2- Take BCAA with every workout 1 gram per 5 pound of lean body mass. a guy 220 with 20 pounds of flab would take 40 grams of BCAA.
3- Eat your veggies and make sure you have enough fiber 25-40g a day

More details you can write me or you can buy a book called:


The anabolic environment post workout is enough to make you leaner without dropping carbs. Dropping carbs would revert that state to catabolism and in the long run probably make you fatter. Do T-Dog 2.0 or a Cheaters Diet with clean refeeds… you could bend either one of these enough to make it slowly lean you out ie, more often “overfeeds” or more carbs on the T-Dog.

Oh yeah, you are hella lean anyway.

thanks fellas for the replys. In response to why I am doing this, I have added about 15 pounds to my frame since the last time I psoted pics, and I would like to shed about 5lbs. I am guessing that I am around 10% Bf right now @ 185. I would just like to get a bit leaner and then maintain it. Thanks for the replys, I will look into dropping the carbs for a couple days, then gague how I look and feel. It is funny as always I am just trying to look better, and try new things. I guess this is what makes it fun sometimes. thanks J

I was using Surge Pre/Post Workout for my cutting phase and my fat loss was pretty slow. My body doesn’t do too well with carbs, minimal is always best (for me), bulking or dieting. IF i take too many carbs during bulking I gain way more fat than muscle, even if androgens are involved. I’ve adopted a low carb diet no matter what phase i’m in and it works wonders. Anyways, once I stopped using Surge I started losing more fat. But the leaner I get the more useful surge becomes but only at 1/2 a dose.

So for me Surge only works well when i’m below 10% body fat. Otherwise I don’t take it.

Experiment a little and see what works for you. For years I was always listening to others and what worked for them. But really i didn’t start making progress till I started experimenting and listening to my body.

What kind of shake would u guys use if u were taking in around 30 grams of carbs a day?

Whey isolate+Creatine+Glutamine+bcaa

Thats what i use for my night workouts while cutting and avoiding carbs.

thanks again for the replys. Today was my first day going 0 carbs in tthePW shake. I felt great, I actually had a lot more energy and didnt feel as hungry. This could be placebo, and could be due to the fact that I had a great lift, and it is Monday, but the hunger was interesting, I didnt feel famished at all.