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0 Carbs But Malto Is an Ingredient?


Recently bought some of those Green tea on the go packets, sort of like crystal light, that you just pour and mix into your water bottle. It claims to have 0 calories, 0g carbs, 0 sugars, yet when i looked at the ingredient list, the second ingredient was Maltodextrin. I don't understand this. Can anyone explain this?


Its all rules that the are allowed about the ingredient labels. If it is under a gram (or something like that) they can claim it as 0. Nothing to worry about at all.


Yeah, this is about what i imagined. Thanks for the response, appreciate it.


they are allowed to put 0 even if the product has .5 grams or less. so youre still getting 2 calories or 4.5 calories from fat for whatever amount is on the serving size.