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0 carb 0 fat protein powder

Hey guys check this out…went to FAME here in TO over the weekend…dymatize put out a whey isolate labelled as having no carbs, no fat…sampled it and it tasted good too…is this possible?

Completely possible, I am on Brock’s fat fast experment right now and am using zero carb isopure for all 5 of my meals (along with flaxseed oil). It tastes good but is horribly repetitive.

PS Does anyone know of any good appetite suppressants that do not contain ephedra, caffeine? Im dying over here, the diuretics are not enough.

Isopure makes a zero carb, zero fat whey isolate product that is not bad at all. It seems to develop a little more foam on the top of it than most when used in a shaker, but the taste is good and is a quality product.

I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s not like the 2 grams of carbs in most low carb powders matter all that much. There are many other issues than who has the lowest count: like quality and type of proteins used etc.

A casein and whey blend is best, but most of these low carb powders are just whey alone, which isn’t ideal. That’s why I stick to LC Grow (it’s a blend).

Thanks for all the information regarding the topic of your post. Now that we know all about the product it will be easyier for us to make a definite assertion to your question.

But… In answer to your question, it’s rhetorical. You just answered it big guy! Since you apparently “sampled it and it tasted good too”, that’s your answer.

Wow, that was easy.


Try 5-HTP.

well who knows if it’s true…we all know how far label claims can go…i’m still skeptical…just like many of you probably were when detour bars came out…

Iso pure is quality, but I wouldnt trade my LC GROW for any thing else, except no substitutes:)

EC thanks, Ill give it a try

Green Tea extract has some appetite suppressant properties, as well as anti-oxidant. The 5-HTP suggested earlier may be a better appetite suppressant, though. I would try that one first.

Erm u could try thickening your shakes with a tiny amount of Xanthan Gum
I add 1/4 of a tsp to my shakes sometimes and it goes nice and thick

I doubt 1/4 of a tsp is gonna have much carbs in it too :smiley:

I have used Guar gum to help give myself a sence of being full. It taste kinda nasty, but I mix it with tea or unsweetened kool-aid. From what I understand it is all fiber and therefore has no carb count. It is also helpful on fat fast because Fiber helps “smooth” things out:)


I am taking in a shitload of green tea daily and its not doing much, going from 4600Kcals ED bulking to 1350 ain’t easy. I am using green tea as a “replacement” for the black coffee brock used, I just ordered 5-htp today…it better get here soon