Just started my PCT therapy 4 days ago and the clomid is worse than I ever remebered. Being this is only my 2nd cycle, I have only 1 other experiance to compare it too. I have this kind of pissed off, anxious, moody, depressed cluster fuck of feelings all day long. In fact oddly enough, I think that clomid makes me act more like I’m in a “roid rage” then when I’m on. Anyway, I’m dont bitching now.

Many people get this including me. Clomid is an estrogen agonist at receptor sites in the brain (where as it antagonizes them at the breast)
Anyway, agonizing receptors in the brain makes a lot of guys bitchy, sad, moody and, well, chickish.
Nolvadex does not do this and works just as well in my humble opinion. I steer all athletes, especially combat athletes, away from clomid.
Done with my 0.02cents

I’ve heard that people have had success taking Rhodiala Rosea when coming off a cycle. It is supposed to be a potent mood stabilizer and it exerts its effects almost immediately.

I just started clomid too and immediately 2 days after front load I noticed the effects. Irritability, slightly depressed mood and anxiety. And worst of all I am getting really clingy with my girlfriend! Ugghhh I’m like an old woman at the moment, so glad I was born a man…

Feel a little better today, so far. I’m taking nolva, clomid, rhodeola rosea, piracetam, methoxy, alcar, right now and possibly some clen/eca in a week or so. I think my frontload was too high 300 day 1, then 100 for the rest of the week, then 50 for the remainder.

Why the hell don’t you use Nolvadex? Nolva is considered to be a better choice by many people.

i was on it for like 4 months straight and had no problems whatsoeevr.

I know a lot of guys like P-Dog too who don’t notice it. Maybe just us saps with high E receptors in our brains…anyway… If clom doesn’t bother you great…if it does don’t hesitate about using nolv…it is just as good.

Why don’t you cry about it you little baby.

I use clomid with non of these emotional issues. The only side effect I get is minor acne on my chest, but that goes away after ~1 week.

Try taking a shot of 75-100mg enanthate, it will help to balance your mood without further suppression of your HPTA.

I use clomid, but it causes me to get a headache every day that I’m on it at about 2:oo pm. No headaches when I discontinue.

I love Serophene (clomiphene citrate). I think it’s really good, the thing with Clomid or Serophene is it will work both on your testes and breast while Nolvadex will only work on the breast.
If I’m mistaken please let me know. I felt it was really good on my sex drive and as far as gyno I never had any problems, and with moodiness I felt good because of the increased sex drive!

Kike, Nolva actually may work better than clomid

OK, I like test like a mother fucker. First cycle I ever did I used sust. After I used Clomid. On cycle I did not break out. Started taking the clomid and broke out like a bitch in heat and became moody as hell. Really upset me to no end. I quit taking it period. I recovered naturally and I know this goes against everything that you are supposed to do but that clomid shit you can keep. In fact I gave it all away. Yes, gave it away. I now have Nolvadex. Getting the picture. Things change. Arimadex used to be the anti estrogen of choice. I now use Femara. If it works use it, if not get rid of it. I should mention this. I am one that can shoot over a gram of test a week and not have his balls shrink or get any acne, hairloss, etc. I get high bloodpressure instead. I just monitor it and make damn sure I keep myself in check.

try stacking clomid with tribex and clen-no problems whatsoever moodwise. bf dropped as well.

The only side effect I get from Clom is blowing HUGE LOADS. When I’m on Clomid, my girl can’t swallow it all. Porn stars use it for the “money shot” :slight_smile:

I’m with ya on that one massnutrition! I believe it works differently for each individual. For me it actually works better than Nolva P22.


ahhhh yes, the clomid blues. i get it bad too bro. i will be trying nolva only, for my pct starting next week. as the bro’s said above, try that.

I get the same thing as ru - after a test cycle I’ve use clomid and brokeout badly, on 2 separate occasions.

I am really glad I read this thread, I thought I was really losing my mind the last few days, like I was cracking up or something. Now that I think about it this mood started just after taking clomid for the last several days because I thought my nipples were a little sensitive. They are fine now though. I really hope it doesn’t hit my like this when my cycle is done. I could lose it.