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_T_'s Training Log

Decided to make a online log of my progress. I always seem to lose or destroy the paper journals, and its a hassle to write in them during the workout.

Current stats.
BF%:20% ish

Lifts/Current 1RM.
Deadlift: 315lb
Squat: 185lb
Bench: 150lb
OHP: 105

Deadlift: 2x BW
Squat: 1.5x BW
Bench: 1.0x BW
OHP: 0.8x BW

Non Lifting Goals.
Become leaner
Improve cardio/ i.e become capable of casually jogging 5km in 30 minutes

Current eating plan.
Simple diet https://www.T-Nation.com/diet-fat-loss/simple-diet

I’d like decent lifts before developing more arduous goals.
I’d like to lean out to a lower BF%
I’d like to be able to have increase cardio endurance.