_T_'s Training Log

Decided to make a online log of my progress. I always seem to lose or destroy the paper journals, and its a hassle to write in them during the workout.

Current stats.
BF%:20% ish

Lifts/Current 1RM.
Deadlift: 315lb
Squat: 185lb
Bench: 150lb
OHP: 105

Deadlift: 2x BW
Squat: 1.5x BW
Bench: 1.0x BW
OHP: 0.8x BW

Non Lifting Goals.
Become leaner
Improve cardio/ i.e become capable of casually jogging 5km in 30 minutes

Current eating plan.
Simple diet The Simple Diet

I’d like decent lifts before developing more arduous goals.
I’d like to lean out to a lower BF%
I’d like to be able to have increase cardio endurance.