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Christopher Reeves Died at 52 on Sunday.

I dressed up in my superman pajamas while pretending to fly around the house while watching his movies. He was my icon and my Hero. Nothing could destroy Superman in my mind… “The man of steel.” Christopher Reeves was the perfect actor for the part and fit the character of SuperMan to the stitch of the costume. At such young ages who could not fall in love with the character? At that age we think we are infallible anyway and what a perfect way to relate to such a character.

Kryptonite the only substance that could destroy Superman. A substance that was alien to earth. Nothing earthly could destroy “The man of Steel.”

It wasn’t really until 1995 when Christopher Reeves had a spinal chord inury from being thrown from his horse that I really grasped the fragility of humans. During this time I knew Christopher Reeves was not really “SuperMan.” However, I still thought of him as more SuperMan than other men and thought that he would live a long and healthy life. Still young and naive to believe this I was instantly changed with his spinal chord, systemic injury. I instantly realized, “there is no such thing as a man of steel.” If Christopher Reeves is susceptible to such tragedies then everyone on Earth is. It was at this pivotal moment in my life that I understood the importance of life and just how fragile it was.

I am constantly reminded that;

We(Humans) never know what can happen to us at any given time. The uncertainty of our own lives is something we better come to realize.

We are not invincible no matter how strong we think we are mentally or physically.

If one values their own life, it only makes sense to induldge in the good things life has to offer and stay away from the bad things. (drugs, smoking, a diet excessively high in saturated fat, mean people, etc)

Because we are vincible and our lives uncertain I encourage myself to live in these present moments, minutes, seconds with as much enjoyability and good as I can muster.

SuperMan is not an alien from Krypton, he is inside each of us, part of our essence. SuperMan describes the potential in each of us to be bigger, better, and more beautiful Human Beings. That’s Superman! Not an indestructible alien that is infallible. The mythological hero SuperMan will live on as long as we recognize him in all of us.

Farewell Christopher Reeves,

-Get Lifted

Great post. He showed what it really meant to be a hero. He was a truly great man, and he showed how you can have something horrible happen to you and still live with dignity. He really was superman! Thanks for your post.

Reeve handled his condition with dignity and grace. Rest in peace, Superman.

Thanks to the man who taught us to fly.

Rest in peace.

Nice quote by T-Nation today. Relevant to this post.

-Get Lifted