_____ Ian King!

How many of you find yourselves cursing this man during the limping series, I know I do. The pain can be so intense if the exercise is done properly. The first limping series gave me great results, and im doing the Bring the pain now with high expectation. Ian when we curse you we do it as an expression of our deep gratitude.

I performed the first squat session of Limping into November on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, no pain. About 2:30 in the afternoon I am suddenly hit with some insane DOMS. Walking still hurts today (Thursday 10:48 am). Damn.

MBE: “Glad he can swing so he won’t have to limp. Since 1130.”


I have completed both the “Limping” program and “Bring the pain” program. However, its been almost 12 months since I have done either. More recently I have been doing mostly Renegade style of training. Any opinions as to whether I should start back with “limping” or can I start at “Bring the pain”?